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Melykut (english)


The village Legend  that some forests in this area were. The forest deer, deer lived. The hunters followed up when the deer came out of today's village in the middle, where a deep well, water well  found. From well named after this place.

The foundation said shows that the center of the village found a water source, which was built in a bath.


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Reklámozd a saját oldaladat is

Helytörténet : Scutcheon


mijo  2009.04.05. 15:44



History has plenty of plagues in the country, which is one of

Mélykút settlement. Mélykút similar

to the surrounding villages, many destroyed, and reborn.

The decay was always after the resurrection.



Most of the voluntary internal vándormozgalom through this again in a populated area. New residents of pastures, crops, a rich land, bővizű itatóhelyeket sought. The Turkish left after the first (known) in the 1699-census shows that 21 of the township taxpayers and 5 boys occupied, livestock 33 horses, 38 bullocks, 36 cows, 29 calves, 166 sheep and goats, pigs 1 of 3 vineyards farmers , búzaföldet and 51 acres of 19 acres of cultivated kölesföldet. These data on the livestock population is more than the stress of farming This small-sized town at the time of the Rákóczi freedom again deserted. XVIII. century, the second decade of freedom after starting the new year, have been established in the historical Hungary the northern, eastern, western departments of the Great Plain of poor productivity, but more densely populated areas. Initially, there are endless fields of the farmers could shelter the földműveseknek. The hard-working people in a short period of time at the farm level for culture, more and more areas were under cultivation, livestock are being increasingly gained. The many animals of the rich grass pasture was in need of clean drinking water. The area, however, did not have bővizű River, it is only natural spring or deep well water megásott replaced. The well of living water - a source - the selection of the location of the town lake, therefore, could play a crucial role. Vízlelő there are a number of places in this area. Today's most mélykútiak the eyes of the town center, the lake water is hollow, the Nagytó of a place where access to water and to the established due. Today's one of the oldest residents remember that the XX. Nagytó the first decades of the century, the southern part of the source of the water surface is moving slightly, and also found that the water-driven animals (the horses) avoided the source of the moving water. This source, however, only a very small mass of water to give. Nagytó In fact, none other than one - in today's town center in the middle - the water catchment basins, water is a crucial part of all the rain was falling. The Nagytó, however, could not be the place where the only water here. The settlement határrészeken closer and more distant, there is still less than the past. Vizüket already megásott water wells, together with actor Eugene of Savoy, the Turkish army is consumed. In order to have more than one place of the town vízlelő why the shallow medrű Nagytó around it, it explains geographical location of the lake. For from the Szeged Baja (Danube, the Tisza) connecting road, which, inter alia, the salt is transported to the Transylvanian sóbányákból the Danube, and thence to the country's northern and western areas. A map prepared in 1773-clearly shows the main routes sószállítás. The Mures River medrével parallel lines drawn Szeged path followed by the salt suppliers. There are szakadva behálózzák branch of the north and west Erdélytől of countries. The long road towards the Baja Mélykúti is through. It is said that these routes sószállítók here Mélykúti pihenőjüket held, and it argued that the best can be found in the area of drinking water, which is suitable for human consumption, and the animals are grafted onto thirst. The naturally formed lakes, the water animals ihatták, people already megásott water wells csábíthatta this sitting. XVIII. megtelepülő century, the people here realized in time that one of the most important living a healthy, clean, drinkable water. It is to be themselves "produce". Wide range of flows well - to well digging. Thus, the wells were built. The village houses in the courtyard of the village made up of the economic court of farms, and built on land as well. This is also supported by leadership development in our village, for example, when 1738-pasture in the parish of the leasing business Osijek. The lease agreement specifying the parties' rights obligations. Thus: "Praise Jesus Christ! What we alulírt judges and esküttek who fits the tuttára to deal Osijek honest trader, and people such as Michael Sztankó Androvics Andrásovics he kéelmikkel. And it's allowed to work kéelmiknek know what határunkban fits barmoknak field, to the, well, and which are well prepared, they will belong to the kúthoz û kéelmik provide erdeikbül we are to bring their own shoulders, channel, Venegét, Agácát, Vedra, every tool what the kúthoz tartozandó. And which one hundred fifty board kútra truth, know thy board fits hundred eleven feet, ten and fifty feet. And twenty forints cash. This is thy marhájuknak remain a bargain, the 13 February. Anno 1738. Demeter Usqe day, or if you have three more weeks and will be doing their kéelmik Emberségeirt. Melj more security, we okáeirt this leveljünket Faluszokat under seal, and my nevünkkel Sub Serib asleep. Datum Mélykút the 13th Feb. Anno 1738. John Varga, Principal Judge, High Eskütt Adam, Istvány Bacau, Kordon John, Andrew, and Miskovcik No Közönsigesen throughout the Municipality. Place Stamp " The contract listed the use of construction materials, deep megásott csordakút a few decades ago, the village in the southern border of the pasture and water. There was a need for such wells to the population, the population of animals on the meadow-forest savages (including szarvasoknak is), and copious amounts of water were needed for a healthy községünkön passengers passing through, traders passed through here, and establishing a specific period of time (rest period) hadaknak.A deeply megásott, copious amounts of drinking water wells II, the military importance. Maps were drawn up by Joseph hadmérnökök to justify. II. Joseph in the 1782 - 1785 between the time drew up the kingdom of Hungary's first military map. Mélykút village in 1783-the térképrajzok represent the state. The hadmérnökök very precise work. The village orientation, layout, position of streets, the dimensions of today's reality is an appropriate depth is fixed. Similar drew attention to village limits, it is to be militarily important: the fields, the pastures of the farms, and the entire region, the deep water of megásott well. Numerous drawings shadoof to discover this on the map. Everything can be found on it, which is the state, the hadse-reg, the public is important. Létezésükkel wells in this village, perhaps the name is explained. This view is confirmed in the "Dictionary of Geographical Names etymologic", which is: - Bakonykúti under a settlement of 28 lists of words where the suffix noun well. Among the names found in Mélykút too. The listed településnevekhez this explanation is given in the book: "The rural poor in water, and the importance of the well was large." - The Mélykút címszónál the same dictionary, this explanation is given: "The city is named after a deep aknájú kútról XVIII. century established - again and again újratelepült population organized its own administration. Prefect - Following its predecessors, the age-adjusted habits - municipal seal is used. The seal structured so that the symbols - the illiterate, the motifs may be followed. The settlement is essential to the existence of the symbol, therefore, sought and found as well. This description of the seal found Thaly Kalman, and Századok c. 1869-the number of periodicals published in the 573rd Also shown in the page: "kávás ... well, semi-circular deck, a top szélzászló while hanging down kötélszáron tub of it. Káva the shield of the right-hand side of troughs, which agancsos deer drinking. "Seal in the name of the village:" Which Kuthen ". These motifs appear in description - the now officially used - címerünkön slightly re-form. This makes it clear re: the coat of arms pecsétrajz and the design arose not at the same time, but the shaping of the coat of arms predated the establishment of pecsétrajzolat. The development of pecsétrajz coat of arms, with some revised - certainly - to 1848-the centenary commemorations in 1943-have been used. Events 100 years ago in memory of the village is celebrating the construction of a monument and the monument placed in the coat of arms, which is the first moment of the population is accepted. Representation of the motifs the pecsétrajzon: the coat of arms: - Semi-circular deck kávás well - kávás well, square deck - Top szélzászló - szélzászló at the top, there are already national colors - Hanging down kötélszáron tub - tub kötélszáron, set alongside the well - The water supply means: hanging kötélszáron the tub - the wheel-well structure - Vályúból agancsos drinking water deer - the deer drinking vederből - Name of the village: THAT Kuthen - Mélykút - Year: None - 1716 The rewording of the original does not show significant differences. As changed, it might be justified, the following: - The seal coat and the emergence of a greater distance could be a time (200 years?) - For example, develop over time. the technique of water supply: kötélszáron hanging in the tub húzogatásának technique replaced the wheel wells, which could lower the gémeskutak application - The elapsed time has changed the country's official languages as well. The archaic form of language (which Kuthen) in place of the new form of English (Mélykút) was launched. Most realistic representation of both elements, but also occurs as a romantic feature. This feature is a romantic szarvasmotívum. The deer agancsos per course may be realistic, since drinking water in this region of the wild animals are hozzájuthattak. Romantikussá be changed when legendary, reality without "explanation" of the associated image. Such belemagyarázás: pecsétrajz and the origin of the coat of arms szarvasmotívuma Mélykút mondáját contains. Consideration of this, as Hunor csodaszarvas led by Hungary and Hungarians in the field, in the same water-thirsty deer Mélykút arms - a large pool of water mélykútiakat led the service area of a deep well. This idea, however, easy to seal and coat of arms cáfolható representation as well. Is it really led me to the established deer - újratelepülő mélykútiakat? Not. Kalman Thaly 1869-in - which are already quoted - this is the description: "... The right-hand side of the shield in káva troughs, which agancsos deer drinking. Címerünkön: agancsos deer in the wheel well located vederből drinking water. The description, the imagery is clear: the established, the enterprise of the people living in the wild animal (a deer) from drinking water. The work of attracting creative people - a few of the natural landscape of water - the water thirsty beast. What is the coat of arms refers to the year 1716-a? Surely not the coat of arms indicates the generation time. Made up for it at a later date, when Hungary created a historic opportunity to position it. This opportunity opened the doors in 1716. True, the year the coat of arms Mélykúttal relations with referring to a source has not yet been found. There are only a vision, that is why aidőpont in címerünkön. Be assumed that not only Mélykút, but this whole area of peace, calm, létbiztonságot predictable future. 1716 is the final departure of the Turkish országunkból. Eugene of Savoy in 1697, Zenta is a significant victory after Hungarian areas remained in the hands of Turkey, since the 1699. The karlócai peace of the Turkish left in the hands of the Tisza-Maros Temesvárral, as well as some important security végvárunkat. However, the Turkish defeat of 1697-es - a new force kapva - wanted to continue policy of conquest. Here, in the territory of our country have tried. April 1716 is already in breach of the peace karlócai accuse. It is not too late to counterattack. The Imperial army is now headed by Prince Eugene of Savoy, was a military victory won two bright in the throat. Péterváradnál in August 1716, September-October Temesvárnál won. Timisoara is released the end of the 164-year Turkish occupation of Banat. These two win after this year (1716-ban) and Pancsova Újpalánka is released, thus completing the Turkish left in from Hungary. 1716-a of the military victories of county Bács-Bodrog reassuring results. The emergence of a peaceful living conditions to ensure the quiet area of developed vármegyénk. Key: Bács-Bodrog county bordering on the one side or the Turkish Empire! In 1716-more victories for the military successes followed. Maybe they opened the gates to the armies sorsfordító success by multiple areas újranépesedése upset before, and then started the current Mélykút - initially, is very sparsely, sporadically in - residential developments in place. The revival of the coat of arms to indicate the possible start of a 1716-time data. Official Emblem of the village in recent times it was not, however, as to the general public with regard to the memorial located in the village of 1848-as a relief. The resolution gained population of the village representative body in 1991. decision on January 10. Mélykút emblem, coat of arms was officially born. How can arise in the coat of arms (which may be individuals or bodies of badge)? The answer to this question, the answer given in the literature: "The Shield" ... coat of arms is painted, and is an important criterion to ensure recognition of customary or royal gift. "Well, Mélykút formation in both arms of the recognizable motifs: a) the coat of arms was originally based on the official seal of regular "king" could be b) the pecsétrajzot the population címerként also started to use the custom view on the basis of consumption. Design, used to use. In 1848-in 1943-the memorials placed on the village became part of the coat of arms, and the population is also the intention of reformulating ellenáellenállt so violently. Mélykút official coat of arms - a symbol of 1991. January 10 from szarvasmotívummal escutcheon decorated. Mélykút representative body of "royal gift", therefore, is of 1991-based traditions. Novo Rostás László

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